wood aging

We use only the finest quality woods that are chosen with great care for each of our hand carved, wooden sculptures. The planks are taken from tree trunks that are divided in two parts, and sometimes further cut into planks of different thicknesses. These planks are then dried for the proper amount of time, according to their thickness. This process can take up to several years!

In creating a statue, we use synthetic glue to fit the planks together before carving begins.

Then we use only fine oil paints to color our statues, or special tints to create wood tones. However, before any color or tint is applied, we treat the surface of each statue with a special process to guarantee even coloring.

If gold is applied to a statue, we use 23 carat gold leaf that is carefully applied with a special technique.


To create a bronze sculpture, the form is first modeled in clay, and then cast by the foundry using the lost wax method. To complete this process, a positive copy of the sculpture is first made in wax and refined by the artist. The final wax model is then fired in an oven for a week, before the form is finally cast in bronze. The last step is to polish the bronze statue and apply a patina selected by the client.